Как сделать GIF анимацию на PHP?

November 5, 2015


Простая библиотека поможет в этом

// Create an array containing file paths, resource var (initialized with imagecreatefromXXX),
// image URLs or even binary code from image files.
// All sorted in order to appear.
$frames = array(
imagecreatefrompng("/../images/pic1.png"), // Resource var
"/../images/pic2.png", // Image file path
file_get_contents("/../images/pic3.jpg"), // Binary source code
'http://thisisafakedomain.com/images/pic4.jpg', // URL

// Create an array containing the duration (in millisecond) of each frames (in order too)
$durations = array(40, 80, 40, 20);

// Initialize and create the GIF !
$gc = new GifCreator();
$gc->create($frames, $durations, 5);


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